I am excited to share another video with you this week from my friend and colleague Deanna Norelli of Tulasara Wellness.

This is the Second Video in Deanna’s Series on A LOOK AT AN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY LIFESTYLE.

Deanna gives an overview of Chronic Systemic Inflammation. She discusses Risk Factors, Symptoms, Related Diseases and Ways to Reduce Your Risk.

I hope you find this video informative and helpful.

GET Happy – GET Healthy – GET Whole

Have a Beautiful Day!

Gina Lynn

Deanna Norelli – Tulasara Wellness.

Deanna is a wellness advocate and educator. She combines her western health training in nutrition with her eastern yoga training to help her clients achieve optimal health. She has a passion for yoga, Ayurveda, digestive health, and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This passion provides a unique perspective on overall wellness.

Deanna offers weekly in person and virtual yoga classes, monthly virtual wellness workshops and annual wellness coaching programs encouraging each individual to be a better steward of their God-given temple.

You can find more information on her offerings at Tulasara Wellness.com

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