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Do you have an Instant Pot? I love my Instant Pot Duo!!! ************************************************************************************************ EXCITEMENT & INTIMIDATION I was excited and a little intimidated by it when I first got my Instant Pot for Christmas a couple of years ago. I searched for recipes on Pinterest. I bought an Instant Pot Cookbook (or two). I followed … Read More


THE ULTIMATE MULTI-TASKER L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has been referred to as The Ultimate Multi-Tasker.  It can… ESSENTIAL AT TIMES OF STRESS, INJURY & ILLNESS Although glutamine is classified as a non-essential amino acid, it is considered to be “conditionally essential.” This simply means that the body produces glutamine naturally, but at times … Read More


A SUPPLEMENT TO SUPPPORT DETOXIFICATION YOUR BODY IS AMAZING Your body is amazing! It is always working behind the scenes to support you.  Do you remember Benjamin Franklin’s old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Your prevention is supporting your body with self care, sleep, being in nature, exercise and … Read More

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