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Gina Lynn Wellness Guide

I have learned so much about health and wellness over the past two decades and I would love to share this knowledge with you and anyone you may know who is struggling with an autoimmune condition, an inflammatory condition or anyone just wanting to live their healthiest most vibrant life possible.

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These are the wellness services I offer.

I would love the opportunity to get to know you and to guide you through a personalized wellness plan.


Introductory Session – FREE, 30 Minutes

Get to know me, who I am, and how I can help you

Get a taste of what I offer. Programs & Supported Classes

Orientation to what future sessions would look like

Discussion around your personal Health Goals & How I can guide and support you on your path to thriving wellness

One Time Session – $150, 50 – 60 Minutes

To address an acute need or for an in-depth wellness overview

Health/Lifestyle Questionnaire will be requested in advance

Includes an in depth wellness plan based on Questionnaire and Session Information

Wellness Plan will be delivered one week after Phone/Zoom Session

Follow Up Session(s) Optional

$100 for a 30 minute session

$150 for a 50-60 minute session

Creating Wellness Package – Discounted Rate; $750 for 12 week program

Specific Health Education & Support

6 session package – phone or zoom call every other week

Email Access – 1 time per week (reply will be received within 2 business days M-F)

Health/Lifestyle Questionnaire will be requested in advance

Personalized Wellness PlanWill be delivered at least 2 days prior to next Phone/Zoom Call

12 Week Program: $150 x 6 = $900;  Discount – $750 for Package

Longer Programs are Available if Desired

Sustaining Wellness Package Discounted Rate; $600 for 14 week program

General Health Education & Accountability

Initial Consult – Goal Planning Session – 50 -60 Minutes

Phone/Zoom Call Check ins – 30 minutes every other week

Motivational, Recommendations, Address Questions/Issues

Email Access – 1 time per week (reply will be received within 2 business days M -F)

Pricing for 7 Sessions (14 Week Package)

$150 for Goal Planning Session

$100 each for 6 Check-in Sessions

$150 + $600 = $750; Discount – $600 for Package


You can purchase these fantastic programs directly from HMI (Health Mastery Institute) and navigate them on your own. I also offer support if you choose. This could be one on one support or in a group setting. Send me a message at to find out more.

66 Day Health Mastery Program – $66

9 Modules of the Best-Selling Course to reset, renew and reinvigorate your life, health and mind.

Juice Fast Guide & Parasite Cleanse Support – $20

This powerful Complete Juice Fast Guide and Parasite Cleanse is carefully designed to cleanse your entire body via the detoxification pathway.

Heal Candida Now – $39

A Revolutionary 3-Step Nutrition Program For Complete Candida Recovery

“I would love to get to know you and how to help guide you to your best life of health and vibrance”

Gina Lynn

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