I am excited to share a video with you this week from a kindred spirit; my friend and colleague Deanna Norelli of Tulasara Wellness.

Deanna is a wellness advocate and educator . She combines her western health training in nutrition with her eastern yoga training to help her clients achieve optimal health.

Deanna offers weekly virtual yoga classes, monthly virtual wellness workshops and annual wellness coaching programs encouraging each individual to be a better steward of their God-given temple. You can find more information on her offerings at TulasaraWellness.com.

Deanna has a passion for yoga, Ayurveda, digestive health, and an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This passion provides the unique perspective in her first in a series of videos discussing the Anti Inflammatory Life Style where she offers simple and practical tips to apply to your every day life.


GET Happy, GET Healthy, GET Whole

Gina Lynn

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