Spring is here. It seems as if the earth is coming back to life; the birds are singing, the fish in my pond are swimming and the tiny plants are poking through the ground.


The sun felt so good on my face today! Admittedly, I would have loved to be on a beach near the ocean; but today, just being with me, on my deck, listening the sounds of nature, was perfect.


As I sat outside, I made a mental list of all the yard work I want to get a start on; rake the beds, sprinkle on the Preen before the weeds take over and order the mulch. I have 2 trees that sadly need to be taken down and beds that need to be re-landscaped. I love to plan and plant my garden and my pots. I had visions of fresh mint and basil and rosemary. I love cilantro too, but that seems to be a difficult one for me to cultivate. My pots and my garden are ready to go but planting in late March, in Wisconsin, is not a smart choice. So, I will plan and just enjoy the vision for now. Maybe I will even start a few of my own plants from seed this year.


Even my taste in food seemed different today. Maybe it was because this was my last day off before I head back to my day job and I made an effort to make it feel like vacation. Maybe it was because the sun was shining. Maybe it was because my mind was filled with plans for late spring and early summer. I am not sure of the reason but today I felt happy and my body wanted lighter food. I have been trying to cut caffeine out of my diet and I have been successful. but I still love a warm cup of coffee in the morning (organic swiss water decaf). I didn’t even feel the need for coffee today. Today I was craving a smoothie. I looked up a few recipes, but as usual, I ended up creating my own concoction. Frozen Blueberries, Cacao Powder, Lakanto Drinking Chocolate, Acacia Fiber, Hemp Seeds, Spinach, Milkadamia Milk and Ice. I was going to add a few dates to sweeten it up a bit, but today I was happy I forgot because it was perfect just the way it was.


I have come to understand, how you feel on the inside really does have an effect on the choices you make in your life. I have been paying close attention to how my eating habits change based on how I feel. When I go to work, I bring my breakfast, lunch and dinner with me. Unless I plan poorly, those days are easy as far as food choices. I make good choices because I plan ahead and my mood doesn’t get a chance to influence those choices. Whether I am having a good day at work and the time is flying by or even if I am having a stressful day and struggling to make it to my lunch break, my food is predetermined. My biggest struggles are the days I have to do work that requires me to sit at my desk. Whether that is balancing my checkbook and sorting out finances, working on a wellness plan or writing a blog post. These days I find myself wanting to snack on something. I try to make healthy choices but I go from wanting something crunchy. so I have some sugar snap peas and hummus, to feeling the need for something sweet, so I go for the apple with a side of pecans or some dried unsweetened mango. Then it is time for lunch, even though I am not truly hungry. I think you get the picture, and I will stop here so I don’t startle you with admitting to some of my other choices. 


I have noticed that I seem to use food as a distraction from the task I need to complete. Even when the task is something I enjoy, I still struggle with my choices. At the end of a day like that, I feel exhausted and I haven’t even moved my body (this of course is another part of the problem).


In the past, I have felt guilty about having a “bad” eating day. I have been doing a lot of introspection and soul searching. I am trying to examine all of my different moods and how they affect my food “cravings.”  I tell myself the same thing I would tell a client or a friend or anyone else. You are not a bad person! You are just a human being having a human experience. This, for me, takes the guilt out of the equation and this is a huge and beneficial first step.


Since spring is in the air and spring is the time for rebirth of new things and new ideas, it is time to try something new. I will continue to plan my food for the days I work. I will continue to allow myself to eat intuitively on my days off that I am active. I know the change needs to be implemented on the days when I need to spend a good portion of my day sitting at my desk, exercising my brain. On these days I need to plan my food and schedule breaks. I am optimistic that this change will be a key part of creating more balance in my life.




L-Glutamine is an amino acid that has been referred to as The Ultimate Multi-Tasker. 

It can…

  • Restore the lining of the digestive tract
  • Relieve the symptoms of leaky gut: diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, gas and bloating
  • Prevent and reverse autoimmune disorders
  • Soothe inflammation
  • Decrease oxidative stress in the body
  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Reduce cravings for alcohol & sugar
  • Enhance immune function
  • Increase nutrient absorption
  • Improve muscle tone & strength
  • Relieve stress by lowering cortisol levels
  • Boost testosterone
  • Improve recovery time from illness and injuries


Although glutamine is classified as a non-essential amino acid, it is considered to be “conditionally essential.” This simply means that the body produces glutamine naturally, but at times of stress, injury and illness, the body can’t produce enough to meet its needs. 

If the body’s need for L-Glutamine is greater than its ability to produce it, the body may break down protein stores, such as muscle, to release more of this amino acid. 

When injury or illness prevents getting enough exercise, L-Glutamine levels drop, further compromising health. Supplementing with L-Glutamine breaks this cycle, preserves muscle, heals the body and provides the energy to get back to an active lifestyle.


L-Glutamine is an important energy source for intestinal and immune cells. It is also important for the normal growth and maintenance of the cells in the intestines. It helps to maintain the barrier between the inside of the intestines and the rest of the body. This protects against a leaky gut, preventing harmful bacteria or toxins from moving from the intestines into the rest of the body. 

Leaky gut is a common and often undiagnosed condition that causes gas, bloating, pain and inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation leaves you vulnerable to developing acne, allergies, asthma, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia and mental illness.


L-Glutamine enhances the body’s levels of glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant. Increased glutathione levels can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, cancer, heart attack and stroke.


Glutamine is naturally found in a variety of foods. Any food containing protein will contain some amount of glutamine. The largest amounts are found in animal products due to their high protein content. If you are consuming animal products, consider the source and choose grass fed/finished, pastured, organic sources.

Some of the best plant sources of L-Glutamine include: Beans, Peas, Lentils, Red cabbage, Broccoli, Asparagus, Dark leafy greens such as spinach, collard greens, kale, lettuce, and cilantro, parsley, and Beetroot. Juicing is a fantastic way to increase L-Glutamine in your diet.

Focusing on getting adequate protein in your overall diet is a great way to increase the amount of glutamine you are consuming.


Since L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body and found in many foods, there is no concern that it’s harmful in normal quantities.

A typical diet may contain 3 to 6 grams per day; this amount could vary based on the types and quantities of foods consumed.

If you feel a glutamine supplement may be helpful, start with a conservative dose of 5 grams once to twice daily.

Take after exercise and/or before bed.

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